T H E   B E A T L E S

(Week of 8/19/18)

The new Netflix documentary on the Beatles spurred us to revisit that mesmerizingly prolific band, and while we would not pretend to even scratch the surface of all there is to know, in this week's list we present some unexpectedly delicious things we found, from Yoko Ono's "Grapefruit" to a Transcendental Meditation lesson from the Maharishi to a guide to how to hate the Beatles, should you so chose to do. And if you don't feel like reading, just scroll to the bottom, and listen to that blissfully wonderful Beatles cover soundtrack from "I am Sam." Remember it? You're welcome.

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Read and listen to this overview of the Beatles in 15 songs, and watch the Netflix documentary about how they changed the world.



The Beatles had lots of influences, but one of John Lennon's greatest ones was, of course, Yoko Ono. Read this New Yorker article about her book "Grapefruit," and this Slate piece about how it influenced Lennon's song "Imagine," then listen to the song and, if you're still inspired, this Blank on Blank video about the two of them talking about love.


that guru in india

Read this Daily Beast re-cap of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, then learn Transcendental Meditation from the man himself.



Not the Beatles: you. If you don't believe the band is the best thing to ever happen to music, read this Vulture guide on how to effectively hate them.



There are too many Beatles influences to count, so instead we dug out the 2001 film "I Am Sam" whose Beatles-cover soundtrack features some of our faves.