(Week of 11/21/18)

It’s Thanksgiving!!!
We are all too aware, in these pessimistic times of ours, that one might easily dwell on certain truths of this day -- the Native American genocide; the genetically-modified calories in your grandmother’s green bean casserole; the long-term brain injury those football players on your television screen are, in a perverse re-invention of the Roman Coliseum, sustaining in service of your corporate-greed peddled entertainment -- but we would like to encourage you to stop right there and, instead, take a moment to recall the sensation of a positive outlook.
Got it?
Oh, dear.
Well, anyway: here are some content gems we found that might help. They are all related to the food you’re likely to be eating, in hopes that, should conversation get uncomfortable, you can glance at your plate and easily recall, say, the turkey mating video, and be like I’m gonna be okay.
Which is all to say: we hope you enjoy this week’s list, which starts with lessons in Turkey mating, via a Freakonomics Radio story about turkey breeding and a home video of turkey copulation whose soundtrack we found particularly stirring. We then move onto some facts you might not have known about Sweet Potatoes, and a dive into a tribe in Papua New Guinea in which yam cultivation is an exclusively man(ly) task. From there we get into innovations in Cranberries – in canning, via Smithsonian, and co-op agriculture at Ocean Spray as covered by Forbes. We follow that up with regional differences in Stuffing and 10 things you didn’t know about something you didn’t know about (the Turducken?! Is this really a thing?) and give the last word to the inventor of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, making his case for why it’s more than just basic. And finally, as a bonus, we threw in a link to follow TSA on Instagram, which is a surprisingly witty feed of items your fellow airline passengers are trying to sneak through security.
Without further ado, then, have fun & sending all our warmest thanks for you,
Michelle & Melinda



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