S A T U R D A Y   N I G H T   L I V E

(Week of 6/3/18)

Is there any gift that giveth more than Saturday Night Live? We knew it was neat, but it wasn’t until someone sent us an interview between Alec Baldwin and Lorne Michaels that we realized just how culturally-relevant the late night institution has been, to talent development and political and social discourse in America. It’s got its darkness, too, of course, and so this week we take it on, with deep appreciation for all the great minds that have, through it, made us think and laugh.

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Listen to Alec Baldwin's interview with Lorne Michaels, creator of SNL, on Baldwin's HERE'S THE THING podcast.



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Making of

James Franco's 2014 documentary SATURDAY NIGHT, which follows the week-long creation of an episode and read the recap from MTV.



SNL has born a lot of stars. Peruse the Wikipedia list and hyperlink into where they've gone since. And if it gets you especially inspired, read the Mental Floss article on how to get into the ranks.