It’s going to be a big week. People are going to start actually post-summer working, Michael Winterbottom’s new satire, Greed, is having its London debut, and Michelle has a much-needed pedicure scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

Should you find yourself needing a break at any point, look no further than:

1. Listen: In Our Time podcast on cephalopods
You may have heard that octopuses are absurdly smart. But squids are too, and cuttlefish also, the sneaky little bastards. Melvyn Bragg takes the whole category on in this 45-minute podcast wherein he interviews three academic experts on the ins-and-outs of the animals and why they are so mesmerizingly cool. Warning that you may now feel guilty eating grilled octopus, though squids we think are still fair game.

2. Watch: Walking with Destiny documentary on Winston Churchill
As a now-official Londoner, Michelle felt she had a lot of catching up to do on British history and politics. As part of that effort, and one to get a better grasp on the character of Boris Johnson, who has not-too-discreetly modeled his life on the national hero, we’ve been reading a lot on Winston Churchill. And dear God… he really was something else. This documentary only scratches the surface, but does a great job capturing his character and sense of higher purpose in a way that’s likely to make you yourself feel a lot more brave.

3. Listen or Read: Pure Drivel by Steve Martin
Of all our favorite comedians, Steve Martin might still top the list. He’d slipped off our radar a bit, but we recently stumbled onto his MasterClass on comedy (it’s a hefty subscription price tag, but free one week trial if you want to check it out: LINK), which inspired us to download the audio version of Pure Drivel, his 1999 book of ingenious riffs. We intended to just do a chapter a day as a little while-I-brushed-my-teeth pick-me-up, but we both ended up listening to the whole two hours straight walking through the park, collecting all sorts of stares for perpetually laughing aloud. What a hero.

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