Good morning! Should you be in need of some low-energy content, may we suggest these internet gems on Traditional Chinese Medicine, "intelligent" plants and Marilyn Monroe?

Hope you enjoy.

1. Watch and Listen: Traditional Chinese Medicine
After a Chinese acupuncturist wholly resolved a debilitating calf strain by sticking some needles in her abdomen, Michelle got a little too excited about meridians and Qi. The internet blackhole that ensued produced more than is appropriate, but some highlights, should you also be interested, included this TEDx talk from a British acupuncturist who gives a nice overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine (LINK), this interactive chart that explains pressure points (LINK) and this podcast with an NYC-based practitioner, who’s a little bit unbearable but does offer some interesting glimpses into the ailments of the common New Yorker (LINK).

2. Read: “The Intelligence of Plants”
Meanwhile, Melinda, in googling how to deal with an unwieldy houseplant, stumbled upon this gem of a Paris Review piece on the intelligence of plants that seeks to answer the provocative question, “What if plants are smarter than we think -- a lot smarter?”: LINK. Let your garden grow.

3. Listen: “The Killing of Marilyn Monroe”
And, finally, with the helpless magnetism once reserved for E! True Hollywood Story, Michelle binge-listened to this docu-podcast on Marilyn Monroe, which did not at all prove the conspiracy theory case it laid out, but did, with the audio equivalent of a juicy Us Weekly, provide an interesting look at the actress’s life and the Hollywood of old: LINK.

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