Hi, hi! Here are three things for your Sunday amusement:

1. Listen or Read: The Fran Lebowitz Reader
Our mention in last week’s list to photographer Annie Leibovitz got Michelle thinking about the great satirical social commentator, Fran Lebowitz. Her self-narrated book of essays is so, so delicious, particularly for those who live in New York or have spent a lot of time with people who do. You can download the audiobook on Audible here: LINK or get the print version here: LINK. If you need a taste before committing, try this Paris Review interview with her: LINK.

2. Watch: American Factory
If you’ve got a Netflix account and are trying to decide what to put next in your queue, might we recommend this peculiar documentary about a Chinese company opening a windshield factory in Dayton, Ohio. The Chinese perspective on America’s blue collar industry is nothing if not the sort of thing that will shake up what you think you think, as it did the NPR Planet Money team, who offered this review of the film: LINK.

3. Listen: Desert Island Discs interview with Sir Tim Waterstone
If you’ve never heard the BBC’s radio show “Desert Island Discs,” welcome. The show asks interesting people to consider, if they were cast away to a desert island, which 8 songs, books and personal items they would take with them, then intersperses conversation with said songs. It’s a divine format in which Michelle often loses herself. But this one she stumbled on this week, with Sir Tim Waterstone, founder of the U.K.’s most successful bookshop chain, felt extra special. From the way he captures the experience of being in a bookshop to the perspective he offers of being a toddler during the war, to his frank insights on the dynamics of fathers and sons, as well as the love he finally found, it’s full of wise little gems (and nice music). Check it out here: LINK.

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