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Here’re three Internet finds we found ourselves happily lost in this week. Hope you enjoy.

1. Read and Watch: Susan Sontag & Annie Liebovitz
When Michelle’s Audm feed rolled her into this New Republic review of Benjamin Moser’s new biography of Susan Sontag, which is, in itself, a nice survey of the public intellectual’s life, she briefly committed to re-visiting Sontag’s essays. In fact, she made it all the way through “Against Interpretation” (the Wiki synopsis HERE) before her mind wandered to Sontag’s relationship with photographer Annie Liebovitz, and opted for the latter’s works instead. Namely, Liebovitz’s series of portraits of women and her interviews about the works: LINK. Oh, to’ve been a fly on the wall in the two creative women’s company.

2. Watch: Interview with Fab 5 Freddy
Back in New York, Melinda was listening to Blondie’s Greatest Hits, as one does, which led her to “Rapture” (this one: LINK) and, consequently, musing over what Fab 5 Freddy has been up to since he told us “everybody’s fly.” A little googling, and she uncovered this gem of an interview, about the visual artist and hip-hop pioneer’s role in linking street art to the fine art world, how he united hip-hop and art, and his friendship with Jean-Michel Basquiat. Watch the interview HERE.

3. Watch: Werner Herzog documentary on the Wodaabes
Several years ago, Michelle met a social anthropologist who, over a long rambling lunch, got talking about his work in Africa, including with the Wodaabes, a nomadic tribe in Africa in which, amongst other inversions of Western norms, men are most responsible for fashion, don elaborate make-up and develop body image issues, in order to win the sexual interest of women, who select them based on how well, during a ceremony, they dance. Turns out Werner Herzog caught onto the tribe a while back, too, and produced a documentary you can find on YouTube HERE, which might not make you want to go join the tribe, but is worth the watch.

Bonus: Listen to the multi-layered soundtrack from The Goldfinch, by the ingenious composer and friend of TPH, Trevor Gureckis (who, if we may give our unbiased opinion, did an incredible job).

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