(Week of 6/24/18)

Oh dear god what IS it? With no small degree of thanks to Brad Stevenson, this week’s list attempts to explain the penultimate cryptocurrency, why it’s neat, and what it might mean for the future of society.

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Read this Coindesk Q&A on Bitcoin, and check out these infographics to set the scene for the Bitcoin universe.


the experts

Watch these videos of two leading Bitcoin experts, Brock Pierce and Wences Casares, who explain what Bitcoin is, and its potential as a solution to monetary problems in the developing world.


the blockchain

(Skip this if you’re actually hungover) Read about blockchain, the technology that underlies Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

satoshi nakamoto

Read this 2011 New Yorker article on Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s mysterious founder, and a 2016 London Review of Book’s synopsis of the mounting mystery around him since.


the dark web

Read this BBC explanation of of the Dark Web, where Bitcoin has thrived, and watch this TedTalk from Kathryn Haun, US federal prosecutor for cyber crimes, discussing why we shouldn’t let that deter us from Bitcoin.


Get In On It

Convinced? Ehhh……maybe…..? If you think it’s worth a shot, buy a Bitcoin, or follow on Twitter: Michael Parsons and Andreas Antonopoulos for worthwhile updates, or Bitcoin Evangelists the Winklevoss twins because well, why the hell not.