A L V I N   A I L E Y

(Week of 8/5/18)

Alvin Ailey and the dance company he created didn’t just leave behind some of the most mesmerizing performances we’ve ever seen (if you do nothing else, watch the video below of “Revelations”), but also, as a gay black man coming of age in the Civil Rights Era, Ailey was one of America’s most exciting artistic legacies. Which is to say: if you’re actually hungover, this list might make you feel mildly worse about yourself, but we hope it just leaves you, like us, feeling decidedly inspired.

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Get right into the heart of Alvin Ailey with his most iconic piece of choreography, "Revelations," and watch this 50th anniversary video discussion of it.



Read Ailey's New York Times obituary, peruse this timeline of the history of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and watch this interview with Judith Jamison, former AAADT dancer and artistic director, discussing the company's impact.


our favorites

Check out a few of our favorite pieces, from past to present.




Read this New York Times article about why Alvin Ailey is about more than just dance, listen to this piece on the International Center for Photography's exhibition on the civil rights movement and watch clips from "Free to Dance," a PBS documentary about African-American choreographers and dancers.


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