(Week of 6/9/19)

What is the correct thing to wear on an overnight flight? Such was the question Michelle put to Melinda one afternoon over tea. The query was motivated by a recent realization, upon being greeted by a fashionable French editor at 7:30 a.m. following a flight from New York, that the braless t-shirt uniform she justified under the guise of “California chic” might be in need of significant upgrade.

While debating the trade-offs of comfort versus positive impression on airline staff (could it contribute to likelihood of upgrade, which would provide substantially more comfort than yoga pants in economy class?), both their phones buzzed with a news alert about the second Boeing 737 Max crash, settling silence over the table as their relative dilemmas were sheepishly put away. It also laid the groundwork for a list on Air Travel, which we are very pleased today to present.

For this list, we found some primers on airplane design, including some uplifting efforts to curb the environmental cost of flying (Airplane Innovation section), and tried to imagine what flying was like back in the Golden Age of Air Travel (the Traveler story is particularly delicious). We dug into the business of air travel with a video and two podcasts on the late 1970s Airline Deregulation Act, the state of low-cost carriers and the economic (mis)incentives that contributed to the Boeing crashes. The Worthwhile Travel Tips section answers the burning question of what to wear on overnight flights (thanks, Gwyneth!) and an app for Jet Lag, and we wrap things up with clips from Airplane and Airplane II, two of the (just us?) still funniest movies of all time.

Hope you enjoy xx

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