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The Productive Hangover curates lists of low-energy content to help you feel less bad about how bad you feel. We pick a topic and scour the internet for the best videos, articles, podcasts and digital gems related to it, which we then compile and deliver to you via an email newsletter. 

Each list is designed to provide 2-8 hours of material and to never require more than 50% of your brain to consume. Topics run the gamut from art to science to philosophy to sports, and are selected with an eye toward helping you feel more clever at your next cocktail party.

We regularly feature topics and internet gems recommended by our community, which we very much hope you’ll join!


F A Q s

Do I have to be hungover to use The Productive Hangover?
No! The Productive Hangover also works well during commutes, after a long day of work or as preparation for a date and/or cocktail party at which you want to sound more-than-Wikipedia smart.

Can I submit my own ideas?
Yes! And please do! Use the contact form below to make a suggestion or send your favorite links, along with how you'd like to be credited. Please bear in mind that we are looking for things that take no more than 50% of your brain to consume and take no more than 2 hours per item (though there are always exceptions, of course).

Who is behind The Productive Hangover?
Michelle Miller and Melinda Wang, who met in Paris and, over the course of a martini or two, bonded over their insatiable curiosities. When Michelle called Melinda the next day looking for something to save her from the self-loathing spiral she could feel setting in as she started another episode of Law and Order SVU (did we mention there’d been champagne, too?) and Melinda admitted she was in the midst of an Internet Black Hole that had started with Picasso and somehow found its way to multiverse theory,  Melinda sighed I just want someone to curate the internet for me and Michelle lamented I just want to feel less like I’m wasting my life. And also a tomato sandwich. One thing led to another, and The Productive Hangover was born. Outside of this curatorial joy, Michelle is a novelist and TV writer, whose other work you can find HERE, and Melinda is a contemporary art curator, whose other work you can find HERE.

How do I get in touch with you?
You can email or contact us through the form below.

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